Match Day 2013: An envelope holds the future for USF medical students


USF Health Morsani College of Medicine senior medical students will join fellow students across the country gathering for Match Day ceremonies this Friday, March 15. 

It’s the day when each student opens an envelope to find out where he or she will spend residency training following graduation.

It’s a medical milestone, marking the rigorous progression from student to practicing physician.

Emotions will run high as USF’s  107 senior medical students, joined by family, friends and faculty, pack into Skipper’s Smokehouseto find out where the students will be conducting their residency assignments.   

If you can’t be there in person, you can still watch the celebration LIVE from your computer at .  Or follow #USFMatch on Twitter.

Residency, lasting three to 11 years depending upon the specialty, is when a licensed medical graduate begins training in their chosen field.  In the months leading up to Match Day, students have applied and interviewed with medical schools around the country.  On Match Day, they find out which school among their several selections accepted them.