PhotoVoice for Public Health Professionals

Date: Monday 10/8/2012
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Time: 8:30 am - 2:00 pm
Organizer: Lisa Sleek ( )

 PhotoVoice for Public Health Professionals:  A Hands-On Training
Cher Pies, MSW, DrPh
A Clinical Professor at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley.  She has conducted several PhotoVoice Projects with students, community residents and health department staff in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sponsored by the College of Public Health

This two-day (10 hour) course is designed for public health professionals seeking to learn more about the innovative qualitative data collection methodology of PhotoVoice.  PhotoVoice offers practioners a unique and exciting approach to learning from the insights and perspectives of community residents and others about the ways they view, understand, explain and experience the world in which they live.  The course will offer participants an opportunity ot discuss the theoretical foundations of PhotoVoice, reveiw ways in which this technique (and others like it) are being used in the field, and participate in a mock PhotoVoice session (which will include taking photographs, sharing those photos with others, writing short descriptions of the photos and discussing the inteded message of the photos).

This course is designed to be an interactive learning experience for all participants.  In addition, there will be in-class discussions of ethical issues, logistics, publication of PhotoVoice research, and strategies for securing funding for this form of qualitative data collection.

Workshop participants need to bring a digital camera to the class and/or a phone that can take pictures.

Space is limited to 25 people.  No registration fee.  ~~Location:LRC Center #108~~

Started: Monday 10/8/2012
Repeat: every 1 Day(s)
End Date: Tuesday 10/9/2012
Location: Lawton & Rhea Chiles Center, room 108