USF Hlth. Res. Day Abstracts Due

Date: Friday 1/10/2014
4 Year(s) 2 Week(s) ago
Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Organizer: Peggy Smith ( )

How can I submit my abstract? Please use this form at :  2014 abstract submission form

What happens after I submit my abstract? We will  contact you (by early February) with helpful details pertaining to: the status of your abstract,  the master schedule for USF Health Research Day and other pertinent information.  


Can I submit more than one abstract? Submissions are limited to one abstract per primary author, so you can be the primary author on one abstract and the second author on another abstract.


Can I have my poster printed for free?   Providing that the COPH Copy Center is open, you can have your posters printed free of charge at the COPH Copy Center as long as  you use the COPH vertical template, which can be downloaded from  the COPH logos and images  web site    (see section labeled poster templates)

When & Where Does Research Day Take Place?  Research Day takes place Friday, February 21, 2013 at the USF Marshall Center . This is a very classy  event and  you can check out our website at  USF HEALTH RESEARCH DAY FEBRUARY 22, 2013 which documents COPH student  involvement in  last year’s Research Day.

Who is eligible  to participate in our “COPH section” of USF Health  Research Day?  COPH graduate students, post docs, staff  and faculty are all welcome to submit abstracts for inclusion in our COPH section, however, please note that  only those student presenters  who  are currently enrolled as COPH graduate students during  the Spring  Semester 2014 will be eligible to receive an award in our COPH  section of Research Day.   In addition, please note that our COPH student poster presenters will be judged by  interdisciplinary teams of  COPH faculty judges.     


I am a COPH student and I am  also in the Sunshine ERC - what else do I need to know?  Similar to the past two years, we will have a special “ SERC  Section” for the Sunshine Education and Research Center occupational health and safety program.   Therefore if you are a student in the Sunshine ERC, please also  be sure to indicate on your abstract form under the section “Authors & Affiliation”  that you are affiliated with the USF Sunshine ERC.