100 Years of the Panama Canal: A Century of Contributions to Global Health

Date: Thursday 5/29/2014
3 Year(s) 6 Month(s) 3 Week(s) 3 Day(s) ago
Time: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Organizer: Gladys Bernett ( gbernett@health.usf.edu )
URL: http://micanaldepanama.com/centennial/activities/

“100 Years of the Panama Canal: a Century of Contributions to Global Health”


As part of the Centennial of the Panama Canal, the University of South Florida, the Panama Canal Authority and the Gorgas Memorial Institute collaborate to organize a historical forum designed to highlight the importance that public health had not only for the successful construction of the Panama Canal, but for the construction of Panama City (its sewage collection and sanitation system). World-renown speakers will review relevant regional and local health indicators, as well as current health research conducted in Panama and discuss possible solutions for sound public policies moving forward.


·        Dr. Donna Petersen, Dean of the College of Public Health, University of South Florida 

·        Dr. Mirta Roses, Director Emeritus of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO)

·        Dr. John McNeil, Professor, Georgetown University

·        Dr. Julio Frenk, Dean of the School of Public Health at Harvard and former Minister of Health of Mexico

·        Dr. Jorge Motta, Research Associate of the Gorgas Memorial Institute and President of the Panamanian Association for the Advancement of Science (APANAC)

·        Dr. David Freedman, Director of the Gorgas Memorial Institute in Alabama, University of Alabama, USA

·        Dr. Nestor Sosa , Director of the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Health in Panama

·        Jorge Quijano, Chief Executive Officer, Panama Canal Authority

The event will take place on Thursday, May 29, from 8am to 1pm at the Ala Gerencial, of the Ascanio Arosemena Auditórium in Balboa.  For the full list of activities, visit



For more information please contact:

Gladys Bernett, MBA, MHA, Director of Program Development, USF Health, City of Knowledge, Panamá Rep of Panamá, Tel: (507) 317 1822(507) 317 1822, Cell: (507) 62512675/ USA: 813-333-1286813-333-1286


~~Location: Ala Gerencial, Auditorio Ascanio Arosemena, Balboa~~

Location: Ala Gerencial, Auditorio Ascanio Arosemena, Balboa
Phone: (507)317-1822