"Deja Vu" for USF Internal Medicine at Florida ACP

2008 Spring Team – USF Internal Medicine. Back row from Left to Right:Waldo Guerrero,MS IV; Beth Byron, MS IV; Michael Small, MD; Babatunde Akinsete, MD and Kevin O’Brien, MD. Front row from Left to Right:Hemali Patel, MS IV; Stephanie Pezzo, MD; Angela McMillen, MD and Daniel Poetter, MD.

Less than 6 months after their stellar performance at the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians (ACP)- Florida Chapter, the team from USF Internal Medicine has done it again! During the March 8-9 ACP Associates’ meeting in Orlando, the USF “Jeopardy” team continued to dominate – beating out its rivals from the University of Miami, Orlando Regional and Cleveland Clinic. In addition, students from the USF Internal Medicine Residency Training Program had the distinction of making the only student presentations allowed. A third, and equally impressive win, was delivered by USF’s Angela McMillen, who won the best podium presentation, outperforming more than a dozen competitors.

An elated team reporting back to Allan Goldman, MD, Chair of the USF Dept. of Internal Medicine : To quote Yogi Berra ‘It’s deja vu all over again!’ Excited they are and have good reason to be. Next up for the USF Internal Medicine team? They will represent Florida during national competitions of the American College of Physicians to be held in Washington D.C. this May.

“Congratulations to our team and their coach,Dr.Joe Lezama,” said Dr. Goldman. “They are AWESOME and we are all very proud of them and our other residents and students who did so well.”

The awards go to…

USF Medical Jeopardy Team, coached by Dr. Jose Lezama, won state competition. Team members are: Stephanie Pezzo, Daniel Poetter and Michael Small.

The Jeopardy Team toasts with “Mountain Dew” soda in honor of their coach, Dr. Jose Lezama who was unable to join them during the competition in Orlando. From Left to Right: Michael Small, MD; Stephanie Pezzo, MD and Daniel Poetter, MD.

Asked to describe the team, Dr. Lezama said “This is quite possibly the most talented Jeopardy team I have ever had the pleasure of coaching over the last eight years here at USF, and that is quite the compliment given we have had two finishes in the Final Four during national competition during that time. I believe this team is ready to capture the Osler Cup (National Internal Medicine Trivia title) in May in Washington, D.C.”

Best Podium Presentation awarded to Angela McMillen - presentation focused on a case of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome presenting with neck pain, headaches and visual difficulties.

Student Poster Presentations were made exclusively by USF Internal Medicine: Beth Byron, Waldo Guerrero and Hemali Patel.

“I am so proud of our students as they had the only 3 scientific poster presentations amongst all the medical schools in the state of Florida, and Drs. Babatunde Akinsete and Angela McMillen had outstanding poster presentations that reflect so highly about the quality of our internal medicine training program. Dr. McMillen’s victory was a great event for us, and Dr. Akinsete will be representing us as one of the two scientific posters at the national meeting in Washington, D.C. for his work on last year’s presentation. Our students and residents’ work in internal medicine is certainly bringing national prominence to USF Health,” said Lezama – possibly the proudest ACP competition coach.

Honorable mention goes to Robert Ledford who has served as the ACP’s Student Representative during the 2007 Fall Meeting and 2008 Spring Meeting. Ledford has represented the students’ interest and perspective, with positive feedback coming in to USF Internal Medicine from members of the ACP council.

Sept. 2007 – USF Internal Medicine. Team celebrates all the state victories at the American College of Physicians meeting held in Tampa during the Fall 2007 meeting. Next up, the national competition in Washington DC and their quest for national titles! To view Fall 2007 competition results, click here.

Newsbrief by Lissette Campos, USF Health Communications