Sign up now: USF Health Wellness begins second session of Weight Watchers at Work

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

This is just one of many motivational phrases, along with some strong determination, helping more than five dozen USF Health employees stay on track with Weight Watchers at Work, an on-site program that started here in January as part of the USF Health Wellness initiative.

The 17-week program gives USF Health employees a more convenient option for connecting with one of the most successful and longest-running weight loss programs around.

Each week, participants weigh in to track their progress and hear ideas and tips about staying focused on their goals. Meetings are held on the USF campus and at the South Tampa Center for Advanced Healthcare, and are led by Mandelyn Hutcherson, who lost more than 65 pounds herself using Weight Watchers. At these weekly meetings, she is part counselor and part cheerleader to USF Health program participants, helping them get over hurdles and celebrating accomplishments.

“It’s not work for me, that’s for sure,” Hutcherson said. “And these meetings help keep me highly accountable.”

Mandelyn Hutcherson leads Weight Watchers at Work meetings at USF Health.

Milestones are celebrated, including losing 5 and 10 percent of body weight. In fact, so far, almost half of the 69 USF Health employees who started the Weight Watchers at Work program in early January have already lost 5 percent of their body weight. Nine employees have lost 10 percent of their body, and one member has already reached her goal weight.

“The numbers continue to astound me,” Hutcherson said. “Members from the two USF Health meetings combined have already lost nearly 700 pounds. At this rate, they might even reach a cumulative weight loss of 2,000 pounds or a ton this calendar year!”

The next 17-week session is scheduled to begin on May 5 at the South Tampa Center and May 6 at USF Health. For more information about signing up, visit or contact

What Mandelyn wants you to know about Weight Watchers at Work:
• Weight Watchers is the number one doctor-recommended weight loss program and has 45 years of experience helping members around the world lose weight.
• Think there are lots of steps and details to keep up with in order to succeed? Wrong. With the new Momentum plan, there are two simple things to remember: make wiser food choices and track what you eat.
• Missed the January start? No excuse because you can join at any time, paying for the remaining weeks of the 17-week session.


Rebecca Staropoli, Department of Ob/Gyn
“With Weight Watchers, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, being denied anything or being punished like with other diets.”
Total weight lost to date: 25 pounds

Melissa Leggat, College of Nursing
“The convenience of these meetings is a huge factor. They are motivating and are an incentive for succeeding.”
Total weight lost to date: 24 pounds

New Weight Watchers at Work Series Begins in May
The two 17-week series are scheduled to begin as follows:
• Tues., May 5, in STC5051C at USF Health South Tampa Center
• Wed., May 6, in Room 2005 at College of Nursing
Weekly meetings will be held April through August with confidential weigh-ins starting at 11:45 a.m. and the meetings beginning at 12:15 p.m.

Sign Up/Information Sessions
Attend a meeting or the information session to register: Information sessions are scheduled:
• Tues., April 21, in STC5051C at USF Health South Tampa Center
• Weds., April 22, in Room 2005 at College of Nursing
11:45 – Confidential weigh-ins start / 12:15 – 12:45 – Meeting time / Information session near conclusion of meeting.
Didn’t have a chance to attend an information session to register? Faculty, staff and students can still register either by attending a meeting or by sending an e-mail to Don’t forget to bring your checks or credit card for payment!

General Information about Weight Loss Program at USF Health
Program Length 17-week series (1 meeting per week)
Enrollee Costs • New series beginning in May: $186
• $10.94 per week for remaining weeks through April 29th
Payment Options • Cash
• Check (please date the check May 5 and make it out to Weight Watchers)
• Credit Card
• Split Payment by check (3 checks of $62, make all payable May 5, however the checks will be deposited at the beginning of each month of the series: the first one beginning of May, the second beginning of June and the final beginning of July.)

Length of Meetings: 15-30 min pre-meeting confidential weigh-in, then a 30 min meeting. Total: 45-60 Minutes.

11:45 – Confidential weigh-ins start
12:15 – 12:45 – Meeting time
Start Dates: South Tampa Center: Tues., May 5, STC 5051C, and College of Nursing: Weds., May 6, Room 2005