Call for abstracts for 2011 USF Health Research Day

The 21st Annual Research Day is set for Feb. 25 and organizers are urging all USF Health researchers to submit their abstracts by Jan. 14.

New this year is the event’s location. Because of scheduled renovations to the USF Health Auditorium and MDC 1096 and 1097 classrooms, researchers participating this year will display their work in the second-floor ballroom of the Marshall Center. The annual keynote address will take place in the Marshall Center’s lecture room 3707.

USF Health Research Day is an annual event that brings together some of the latest work of graduate and postgraduate students and residents from throughout USF Health, as well as across campus. Researchers present their work by tacking their abstracts onto bulletin boards. Judges make their rounds to each poster presentation, asking the lead researchers to further explain their methods, results and conclusions before deciding on the award-worthy entrants. In addition, a leading national researcher provides the Roy H. Behnke, MD, Distinguished Lectureship.

The day-long event is a prime opportunity for collaboration, since it bridges several colleges, schools and disciplines, and acts as a perfect “practice run” for many of the presenters whose work may garner spots at national research meetings.

For your convenience, ride the USF Bull Runner shuttle bus to get from USF Health to the Marshall Center. Shuttle B’s route picks up in front of the College of Public Health and near the loading dock area of USF Health. Shuttle D’s route picks up near the crosswalk on Holly Drive at USF Health.

For more information about the USF Health Research Day and to submit your research abstract, go to For more information about the USF Bull Runner shuttle service, go to