Nursing partners with Cerner Corp. to train students in EHR

The University of South Florida College of Nursing has partnered with Cerner Corporation to add the Academic Education Solution (AES), a fully integrated electronic medical record, to the College’s state-of-the-art human simulation lab. The AES is the only full clinical information system adapted to support academic curricula and classroom instruction. The system will enable students to use an interactive approach to learn evidence-based clinical practices, critical thinking skills, and data-driven decision making.

The USF College of Nursing’s adoption of electronic health records (EHR) into its curriculum and classroom instruction is part of a growing national movement to digitize the medical record-keeping process.

The complexity of care, volume of patients, and rapid growth of healthcare knowledge are beginning to push the physical and intellectual limits of healthcare professionals. Care providers need to quickly understand a patient’s complete past and present health information to apply the latest effective clinical practices for improving or managing the patient’s health. EHRs facilitate better access to this important information.

Improving Health Professionals’ Education

To address this evolution in patient care, the USF College of Nursing recognized the need to improve the methods of educating future healthcare professionals. The College plans to embed the EHR into the health professions’ curricula, as well as use it as a teaching and learning tool. The Academic Education Solution, coupled with the College’s simulation lab, enhances the faculty’s ability to teach the clinical process, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and making evidence-driven decisions.

“By exposing students to the EHR early in the curriculum we are meeting two goals — improving students’ healthcare information technology skills and, with that added skill set, increasing the market appeal our nursing graduates to our collaborating partners,” said Dr. Laura Gonzalez, director for the Center of Virtual Simulation at the USF College of Nursing. “New graduates will have had substantial training prior to employment, which will result in cost savings in terms of new hire training expenses.”

Paving the Way for Success

Healthcare technologies are widely recognized as an effective tool to counteract today’s crippling shortage of qualified healthcare providers. The USF College of Nursing’s students embrace technology as part of their education and training process, easing the transition from the academic to the professional setting. This translates into more efficient, confident new nursing graduates in increasingly automated healthcare environments where safety and accountability are driving forces.

– Story by Ashlea Hudak, USF College of Nursing Communications