Dr. Schrot appointed visiting scholar to Georgetown's Harvey Center

Richard J. Schrot, MD, has been appointed a visiting scholar at the Proctor Harvey Center for Excellence in Clinical Teaching at Georgetown University School of Medicine for spring semester 2011.

Dr. Schrot is an associate professor of family medicine and course director for Physical Diagnosis II at the USF College of Medicine. He instructs medical and other health professions students in the college’s Center for Advanced Clinical Learning, which has become a model for teaching and assessing patient-centered care that enhances communication.

Richard Schrot, MD

“Dr. Schrot will have an opportunity to work with our faculty and students to learn how we operate our physical diagnosis education course, which he can bring back to USF,” said Stephen Ray Mitchell, MD, Georgetown University’s dean for medical education. “Additionally, we look forward to learning from him – an opportunity for us to upgrade our physical diagnosis education.”

During his three-month sabbatical, Dr. Schrot will work out of the Georgetown medical school’s Center for Excellence in Clinical Teaching, endowed by Dr. W. Proctor Harvey, the longtime Georgetown professor of medicine widely known as the “father” of clinical cardiology and namesake for the cardiac simulator “Harvey.” State-of-the-art multimedia allows transmission of live binaural auscultation of the cardiac exam from standardized patients in the clinical skills center to learners in surrounding small group rooms.

Before joining USF, Dr. Schrot was co-director of the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital Center for Excellence in Diabetes, one of two such VA designated centers nationwide at that time. He was on the editorial board of the American Diabetes Association’s journal Clinical Diabetes.

Dr. Schrot received his MD degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine and conducted his internship and residency at Stanford affiliated hospitals in San Jose, CA, and at USF.