Dual master's combines biotechnology and entrepreneurship

In these times of economic uncertainty, who wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to save on the cost of graduate education?

An innovative University of South Florida dual master’s degree program offers future leaders in the biotechnology workforce the opportunity to concentrate on honing business and management skills – and save some time and money in the process.

The Dual Master’s Degree Program in Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship combines the College of Medicine Master’s in Biotechnology with the College of Business Administration Master’s in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies.

“The combined degrees can be mastered in three years, and will spare students a significant commitment of time and money without compromising in-depth training,” said Inge Wefes, PhD, director of the Biotechnology Master’s Program. “The program makes graduate students outstandingly versatile and thereby lays an essential stepping stone for their future success.”

The 57-credit dual curriculum allows students to have three courses, a total of 9 credit hours, count for two otherwise independent Master’s programs. Obtaining a Biotechnology Master’s and Entrepreneurship Master’s separately would require a minimum of 66 credit hours.

This fall, the Biotechnology Master’s Program will celebrate its first graduation after recently having been designated a Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Program by the Council of Graduate Schools.

For more information on the Dual Master’s Program in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, contact Dr. Wefes at iwefes@health.usf.edu.

– Newsbrief by Anne DeLotto Baier, USF Health Communications