Executive Wellness program meets time constraints of busy business leaders

Todd Buchanan knew he needed a medical physical – his family’s health history has some red flags in it, and he was approaching one of life’s age milestones. He knew it was time to see a doctor. But, as senior vice president of VALIC for all of the southeastern United States, scheduling the appointment would be tricky, if not impossible.

Todd Buchanan gladly shares his experience with USF’s Monsour Executive Wellness Center

Then a colleague directed him to the Monsour Executive Wellness Center at USF Health, a program designed specifically for busy executives with highly individualized, coordinated and time-driven scheduling.

“It’s difficult for me to take several hours out of several days for the series of appointments that would be necessary for a complete physical, so the USF Health Executive Wellness Program, with its concentrated appointment time, was perfect for me,” said Buchanan, who oversees more than 400 employees throughout the southeastern division of VALIC, which offers retirement plans for employees of K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare institutions and government institutions.

“The timing at my appointment was impeccable. Everywhere I went, from the Center’s office to the testing labs and screening rooms, everyone was ready and waiting for me. To get a typical physical, I just won’t do it because of the demands of my job. The entire team at USF Health put my worries aside because they valued my time. And their attitudes are wonderful.”

Todd Buchanan (left) with Dr. Roger Monsour, founder of the program.

Far more involved than a typical physical exam and more individualized with its concierge approach, the USF Health Executive Wellness Program is designed with the needs of a busy executive in mind, said Deann Marasco, founding director of the Center.

“Our Executive Wellness Program is for anyone seeking a more personalized, thorough, and coordinated physical examination, with a team of people who consider you a person, not merely a patient file number,” Marasco said.

Clients spend the better part of a day at USF’s Carol & Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare. The tightly scheduled day is medically focused on the whole patient, providing a complete physical examination and full range of laboratory tests, and also includes ways for these business leaders to stay plugged into their unyielding workflow. The private clinic suite inside the Monsour Executive Wellness Center that is used for most of the physical exam is unlike typical examination rooms. In addition to myriad medical equipment, examination table and specialized lighting, the space also features a computer, wireless internet, and a telephone with conferencing options, and nearby are a printer, fax and photocopier – the tools needed to stay connected to business, Marasco said.

“The day is compact, making efficient use of the limited time most clients can provide,” said Marasco, the person responsible for the seamless timing of the multiple steps in a complete appointment.

Several program packages give clients choices for what they would like to have covered during the physical. And, because the visit is several hours long, clients are provided with a healthy lunch prepared by an in-house chef. Results and summary reports of the examination and lab tests are provided to clients on a USB flash drive at their appointment, and also compiled in a leather-bound binder at a later date, giving the client several ways to view the reports and share them with his or her family physician.

For Buchanan, the day he spent at the Monsour Executive Wellness Center at USF Health meant more than just getting a physical.

“My family has moved four times within 11 years and, although my family has seen doctors, I’ve never really connected with one for me,” he said. “But I’ve realized that I need to take care of myself or my family loses its breadwinner. I was able to get my much-needed physical but still stay connected with work. I was even able to take a very important conference call between medical tests. This level of care is unique in the medical field.

“USF really catered to my concerns. I felt completely comfortable and could talk about everything with Dr. (Eric) Coris. He answered all of my questions and explained every step and why he was doing each test. The entire team made me feel special. I highly recommend USF’s program for any executive.”

For more information about the USF Health Executive Wellness Program, visit myhealthcare.usf.edu or call 877-456-EXEC.

Story by Sarah A. Worth, photos by Eric Younghans, USF Health Office of Communications