Grateful patients present $50,000 to USF Breast Health program

A community of patients, friends and supporters has raised $50,000 to support the USF Breast Health program, the result of a relentless effort by local Capt. Lori Deaton to organize a “Hooked on Hope” fishing tournament to raise the money. In keeping with the nautical theme, the fisherwomen and men presented the money Sunday Nov 8, 5pm, at Gaspars Grotto in Ybor City.

“Dr. Charles Cox is one of the country’s great pioneers in surgical treatment for breast cancer, as well as staging tumors to minimize the surgery itself,” said Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA, Vice President for USF Health and Dean of the College of Medicine at the University of South Florida.

“A veritable community of patients, friends and supporters gathered together to raise $50,000 in support of his program at USF’s new Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare on campus in Tampa.”

USF Health surgeon Dr. Charles Cox

Cox Charles Cox, MD, FACS, professor of surgery at USF and CEO of the USF Health Breast program has more than 30 years experience helping patients navigate the diagnostic and treatment options for surviving breast cancer. His work on breast conservation and nipple-sparing techniques is known the world over. In the 1990s, he pioneered a critical advance in staging tumors through lymph nodes through intra-operative sentinel node biopsies.

The Hooked on Hope volunteers are committed to ending breast cancer. Their website is here: