Heat Pill Research at USF

This week, WUSF Radio (89.7FM) and WUSF Television broadcast a special report on the CorTemp heat pill. The pill is part of a research study being conducted at the Univesity of South Florida and USF Health to help reduce the number of heat related deaths and injuries among athletes. The pill, described as an ingestible thermometer, is taken by athletes approximately two hours prior to going out in the field. With hand held devices, researches are able to monitor the core temperature of each athlete. USF Health’s Dr. Eric Coris is the Director of the university’s Division of Sports Medicine and leads the research efforts. The National Football League has awarded the research study project several grants to support ongoing studies. The pill was the focus of WUSF’s segment called “University Beat” and aired during the week of September 3rd.

To view this special report, click on CorTemp heat pill.