Heat Pill Study: 2008 Photo Gallery

Members of the USF athletic training team help to record players’ core temperatures throughout the practice sessions. Each player’s pill transmits a signal to the hand held data recorders.

The silicone coated ‘heat pill’ was developed using NASA technology.

The data collected by Dr. Eric Coris, Director of Primary Care Sports Medicine, University of South Florida, is used to prevent potentially life-threatening heat illness in student athletes.

Part of the technology involves a host of portable electronic devices that Dr. Coris and athletic staff members wear. The pill, ingested by players the night prior to practice, sends out a signal to the recording devices like the ones shown here.

The three year research study has confirmed that hydration and adequate fluid intake is a significant part of heat illness prevention.

This device is what Dr. Coris refers to as his “little weather station”. The device helps record ambient heat and humidity.

From L to R: USF Health Media Center videographer Jean Rene Rinvil and Anne DeLotto Baier of the USF Health Communications Office.

At left, Doug Woolard, USF Athletic Director, joins Coris and the team for a morning of practice. Woolard noting that the university is proud to be part of a research study that can benefit the entire community.