Hooping It Up!

Since 2006, Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA, dean of the College of Medicine and CEO for USF Health, has challenged COM students to a yearly basketball game with USF Health faculty and staff.

This year was no different –- the students won… again! The team from the Class of 2011 pulled it out at the end by a score of 45 to 33.


Click here for a longer version of the game day videoclip above. It was created by second-year med student Ryan Naughtin, who with his wife runs a photography and video service.

The game was played this fall in the USF Sundome, and the winners took home Klasko’s Cup and bragging rights.

Members of the faculty-staff team, in addition to Dr. Klasko, were Kevin Sneed, Jose Abisambra, Tracy Womble, Eric Coris, Javier Cuevas, Ronnie Britt, Craig Bobik, Seena Salyani, Ben Glover and Toni Rajic.

Members of the student team were Matt Assing, Danny Roura, Byron Moran, Chad Rudnick, John Emerson, Jason Perry, Andy Myers, Courtney Smiley, Sumeet Thareja, Matt Scott, and Kyle James.

– Newsbrief by Anne DeLotto Baier, USF Health Communications
– Photos by Lina Naughtin, Lina Naughtin Photography and Video