Mark your calendars: USF Health Research Day is Feb. 25

This year’s event is full of news. More details follow, but highlights include:
• A new location at the Marshall Center (because of renovations at USF Health).
• A dedicated shuttle running between USF Health and the Marshall Center.
• A record-number of poster presentations (260 vs. 194 last year).
• A record-number of undergraduates presenting (22 vs. 8).
• First year for presentations from the new College of Pharmacy (faculty).
• First-ever presentation of the Dr. Christopher P. Phelps Memorial Fund Award for a winning neuroscience poster presentation.
• First time for a virtual booklet of the participating abstracts (provided to attendees on a USB flash drive vs. printed).

About USF Health Research Day:
USF Health Research Day is an annual event that showcases the work of graduate and postgraduate students and residents from throughout USF Health, as well as across campus. Judges make their rounds to each poster presentation, asking the lead researchers to further explain their methods, results and conclusions before deciding on the award-worthy entrants. In addition, a leading national researcher provides the Roy H. Behnke, MD, Distinguished Lectureship.

The day-long event is a prime opportunity for collaboration, since it bridges several colleges, schools and disciplines, and acts as a perfect “practice run” for many of the presenters whose work may garner spots at national research meetings.

New this year is the event’s location. Because of scheduled renovations to the USF Health Auditorium and MDC 1096 and 1097 classrooms, researchers participating this year will display their work in the second-floor ballroom of the Marshall Center. The annual keynote address will take place in the Marshall Center’s Oval Theater.

Getting there:
For your convenience, a dedicated shuttle will be available throughout the day Feb. 25 to take presenters and spectators alike to and from USF Health and the Marshall Center. The shuttle’s route will include stops at the front of the Morsani Center, the College of Public Health and at the shuttle stop near the loading dock area of USF Health (behind the College of Nursing).

In addition, you can ride the regularly scheduled USF Bull Runner shuttle bus. Shuttle B’s route picks up in front of the College of Public Health and near the loading dock area of USF Health. Shuttle D’s route picks up near the crosswalk on Holly Drive at USF Health.

Keynote Speaker:
Carol J. Bult, PhD
Professor, The Jackson Laboratory.
Title of talk: “Mouse Models of Human Disease: Where We Are, Where We Are Going.” Presented 1:15 p.m. in the Marshall Center’s Oval Theater.

If  you can’t make it, watch the Keynote address LIVE from our USF Health Facebook page.

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Dr. Bult is a geneticist researching the use of genomics and computational biology to better understand complex biology systems. She is a principal investigator in the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) database consortium. MGI is the most comprehensive database of integrated functional genetic and genomic data for the laboratory mouse available in the public domain. In addition, her research highlights include the first use of high-throughput DNAsequencing for the discovery of novel human genes, sequencing and annotating the first three complete genomes of cellular organisms, the initial sequencing and analysis of the mouse genome, and the first comprehensive assessment of gene expression diversity and dynamics in the mouse genome.

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