Remembering. Honoring. Thanking.

USF medical students and College of Medicine faculty gathered April 29 to honor and thank the many people who donate their bodies to medicine. The Silent Teacher’s Ceremony was held to show the appreciation the medical students have to the cadavers in helping them learn about human anatomy.

“We gather here to honor those who selflessly gave it all to serve humanity through medical education,” said Orhan E. Arslan, DVM, PhD, director of medical and graduate human anatomy courses and associate professor in the USF Department of Pathology and Cell Biology.

“These nameless heroes did not seek recognition, praise or acknowledgement. They will remain indispensible to medical sciences, indispensible to medical education. We remain grateful to those brave souls and we always cherish their generosity and kindness.”

Flowers were place around a tree near Lake Behnke as a dedication in their honor, with each flower representing the personal appreciation of each student and faculty member and the individuals who so generously donated their bodies. Students performed music for, read poems to and shared their first-hand experiences and reflections with the dozens of fellow students and faculty members who gathered in the shady, park-like setting.

The event was coordinated by first-year medical students Tanaz Vaghaiwalla, Trey Penton and John Petrelli. Music was provided by USF undergraduate Fausto Mica (flute) and Josh Robertson (guitar and song). Presenters included Dr. Arslan, Dr. Lois Nixon, Clay Hofstra, Roshni Ranjit Wilfredo Herrera, and Jay Lopez.

Video & Blog produced by 1st year USF medical student Trey Penton

Story by Sarah A. Worth, photos by Eric Younghans, USF Health Office of Communications