Shimberg Library hosts national touring Civil War exhibit

 Life and Limb: the Toll of the American Civil War, a traveling exhibition developed and curated by the National Library of Medicine will be on display at the Shimberg Health Sciences Library through April 30.

The University of South Florida is the first university in the nation to host the national exhibit, which will tour across the country this year – the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Of the 3 million soldiers who fought in the war from 1861-1865, more than half a million died and nearly as many were wounded but survived. Hundreds of thousands were permanently disabled by battlefield injuries or surgery, which saved lives by sacrificing limbs.

The perspectives of surgeons, physicians and nurses are documented in the history of Civil War Medicine, which highlights the heroism and brutality of battlefield operations and the challenges of caring for the wounded. Life and Limb: The Toll of the American Civil War focuses on the experiences of disabled Civil War veterans and their role as symbols of the fractured nation.

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