Fay Storm Watch: USF Procedures

For MSSC/UMSA Employees: Call 813-974-0010 for updates

USF Health Patients: Call 813-974-2201 for updates.

USF Hotline: 800-992-4231.

To: All USF
From: Michael Hoad
Vice President, Communications

The university is watching the path of Tropical Storm Fay, currently just north of Cuba. USF’s emergency management team will meet at 3:30 pm on Monday to evaluate decisions about any closings.

As of now (noon on Monday), USF is open and will be today, even though we expect bad weather as the week progresses.

The storm is a good time to remember how we handle these things. Only the president can close the university, and USF will immediately make such an announcement through the main university website: www.usf.edu.

In addition, there is a telephone hotline with up to date information as needed:

Although we send information to radio and television news stations, please remember that the best source of information is www.usf.edu and the hotline. The news channels can’t convey all the details.

Lastly, the fastest way to get this kind of information is subscribing to MoBull on your cell phone. Register here.

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K-12 School Closures:
For faculty, staff & students with school-aged children, several counties in the Tampa Bay area have announced closures starting tomorrow, August 19. To check on possible closures at your child’s school, see links below.
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