Student takes call, accepts offer to join Pharmacy charter class

“Ok so I took the phone call at work actually! One of my jobs is working at the tutoring center at the USF library. I saw it was a 974 number and asked my students if I could take it. They said absolutely, sure enough it was Mrs. Petrelli delivering the good news. When I answered the phone she told me who it was and that the admissions committee made a decision on me today. She said something like ‘It’s not only grades and test scores that go into the decision. We take a holistic approach, looking at the whole application.’ At this point I’m thinking she’s letting me down easy. Then she says ‘The admissions committee thinks you’re a great applicant.’ Something to that affect, but she paused so long after it, I felt like there was a ‘but’ coming! And then she finally spilled the good news. So I told her Ohhh thank you so much! I told her that her giving me the good news was super drawn out, I kept thinking there was a but coming. By the time she got to the decision, I thought I was toast! She said she likes to make it dramatic like ‘American Idol.’ She made it dramatic alright!”