USF Health In the News – for the week of April 23, 2012

For the week of April 23, 2012 – a snapshot of our colleagues making news across the country and around the world

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USF hopes surgery center will have global reach

The Associated Press

“The thing that makes it a huge deal is the fact that we have the ability to simulate everything we do in real life,” said Dr. Karl Illig, chief of vascular surgery at USF medical school.


Two USF inventors are finalists for $50,000 prize
Tampa Bay Times
The finalists include the “eCath” developed by Phil Hipol and Stuart Hart at USF. The Sun said their electronic catheter stethoscope allows doctors to hear inside the body using non-invasive electronic sensors attached to a catheter.


University of South Florida inventors up for $500K prize
Tampa Bay Business Journal (Blog)
So far, USF’s Phil Hipol and Stuart Hart have survived three rounds of judging from almost 30 judges to get to the finals.

LVADs May Confer Unfair Transplant Advantage

MedPage Today

“The non-LVAD status 1A patient is the sickest patient on the list at any one time,” Leslie Miller, MD, cardiology chair at the University of South Florida in Tampa, told MedPage Today. Miller was not involved in the study.


New post-hoc analyses examined neupro(R) effects on pain, depressed mood, apathy and fatigue in patients with Parkinson’s Disease
“Post hoc analyses of large amounts of data like these provide valuable insights into the potential impact of rotigotine on the everyday lives of people with Parkinson’s, and signal a need for further study in this area,” said Professor Robert Hauser, Director, Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.


USF Research Creates Psycho Therapy For Veterans
83 Degrees
Dr. Kevin Kip, associate professor and executive director of the College of Nursing Research Center, is the principal investigator of a study to test the effects of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) to treat emotional problems and related symptoms that arise from serving in combat operations.

Heart Health Institute to serve as ‘economic driver’
The Oracle Online
USF Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences Dr. Leslie Miller said the money awarded will help with planning, and USF has already been able to recruit two nationally prominent doctors who specialize in personalized medicine — Dr. Jennifer Hall and Dr. Stephen Liggett.

UPF clothing blocks the sun’s rays; but affordable sunscreen helps, too
Tampa Bay Times
Still, strategic sun avoidance should be your first line of defense, says Dr. Neil Fenske, professor and chairman of the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at the University of South Florida.

Lawsuit unveils hidden payments

Health News Florida

That such a “blatant” financial lure would be put in writing stuns medical-legal expert Jay Wolfson, University of South Florida associate vice president for health law, policy and safety.


Industry-Sponsored Studies More Likely To Generate Positive Results
Pharmacy Practice News

Using three metrics to assess treatment success in clinical trials, Dr. Djulbegovic, of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine and Health Outcomes Research, University of South Florida and H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Tampa, and his colleagues found that new treatments are favored over standard treatments in industry-sponsored trials in comparison with trials funded by the public agency by each metric used.

Joint-Replacement Failure Rate Higher for Smokers: Studies
One way is to refuse to perform surgery on patients who smoke, said Dr. Glenn Rechtine, an orthopedic surgeon and associate chief of staff and adjunct professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa.



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