USF Health in the News: For the Week of August 23, 2010

For the week of August 23, 2010 – a snapshot of our colleagues making news across the country and around the world



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Arthritis protein ‘guards against Alzheimer’s disease’

BBC News (Featured in more than 80 news outlets including: Web MD, The St. Petersburg Times, Yahoo! India, The Denver Post, Florida Trend, News-Medical, Science Centric, Scientific Computing)

In this study, University of South Florida researchers genetically altered mice to have memory problems similar to those seen in Alzheimer’s disease


Human umbilical cord blood cells appear to protect astrocytes from cell death

News-Medical (Featured in more than 25 news outlets including: Yahoo! India, Bioscience Technology, Science Centric, Science Daily,, R & D Magazine, First Science, Eureka! Science News)

death after stroke-like damage, reports a team of researchers from the University of South Florida (USF) Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair


Obama to Appeal Stem Cell Ruling

Health Day (Featured in more than 100 news outlets including: Health Finder, MSN Health & Fitness, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! News, Med Broadcast, Medicine Net, Bio-Medicine)

the Obama order],” said Paul Sanberg, a stem cell expert and director of the University of South Florida Center for Aging and Brain Repair in Tampa


Amputee swings club again with ‘hand’ tested by USF

The Tampa Tribune

Working with researchers from the University of South Florida, Hines is testing a one-of-a-kind device that he hopes will bring him closer to his teen-age


Why tonsillectomies are performed, and what can go wrong

The St. Petersburg Times

said Dr. Alec Beningfield, an assistant professor in the department of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the University of South Florida…


Figures on flu deaths are misleading, CDC says

The St. Petersburg Times

the vaccine,” said Sinnott, director of infectious disease and international medicine at the University of South Florida and Tampa General Hospital


Sports Concussions

University Beat, WUSF-TV, WUSF-FM 89.7

short and long-term health repercussions of concussions, USF is getting involved with its new “Concussion Center.”


Parkinson’s disease patients find benefits in martial arts exercise

News Chief

Funded as part of a grant by the University of South Florida neurology department, Dr. Michael Carey has been offering free tai chi classes in Lakeland to


Jackson Lab creates healthy debate among Collier Commission candidates

Naples Daily News (Marco Eagle, The News-Press)

The Barron Collier Co. is donating 50 acres off Oil Well Road to Jackson Labs and has pledged additional acreage to the University of South Florida in Tampa


Effective way to protect student athletes not available at most Bay area high schools

ABC Action News

Hillsborough and other districts rely instead on trainers provided at no charge by the University of South Florida and Florida Orthopedic Institute


High-tech alternative to operating microscopes emerges
.J. Weinstock, M.D., associate clinical professor of ophthalmology, University of South Florida, Tampa, first saw the video monitor of a new surgical…


What colds may teach us

Fox 13 News

Dr. Mohapatra talks to Fox 13’s Joette Giovinco about cold viruses and cancer.


USF brings science home

The Tampa Tribune

These are a few of the issues that those involved in the new USF project, Bringing Science Home, will research as they work toward teaching people to cope


Healthy Returns

Tampa Bay Business Journal

USF Health is reaching out to those on the top rung on the career ladder.


USF professor: Dealing with acne

The Tampa Tribune

determine what treatment will serve you best. Neil Alan Fenske is professor and chair of the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at USF Health.


Houstons expanding plans in Kingwood
On Monday, August 9th the grass roots organization Citizens Against Red Light Cameras submitted their petition to amend the City of Houston Charter 
…Langland-Orban, professor and chair of health policy and management at the USF College of Public Health. Instead, they increase crashes and injuries as…


Tai Chi Helps Those With Parkinson’s Disease
According to an article at , Dr. Michael Carey has been offering free tai chi classes to Parkinson’s Disease patients in Lakeland, Florida for two years
neurology department. There’s a reason- tai chi helps. “USF‘s neurology department does research on Parkinson’s disease, working toward finding…

What bandages are best for slapping onto your wounds?

Men’s Health

We asked Dr Basil Cherpelis, chief of dermatologicalsurgery at the University of South Florida, to tell us which bandages are worth slapping on your next wound…


Going against the grains

The St. Petersburg Times

also have a gluten sensitivity not associated with celiac disease,” said Dr. Patrick Brady, a gastroenterologist at the University of South Florida…


Delivering Half a Baby Saves a Life
ABC OTV Online
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A baby’s airway is blocked, and doctors are racing against the clock to save her life. They used a unique procedure to make
…out,” Valerie E. Whiteman, MD maternal fetal medicine at Tampa General Hospital/USF in Tampa, Fla., explained. While the baby’s still receiving oxygen…


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