USF Health In the News – for the week of July 18, 2011

For the week of July 18, 2011 – a snapshot of our colleagues making news across the country and around the world

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USF Pharmacy School to Open in Lakeland

The Ledger ‎

Preliminary accreditation recently awarded to a new University of South Florida College of Pharmacy is good news for advocates of USF Polytechnic. The pharmacy college’s fledgling class of 50 will start on the main

USF Pharmacy College Gets Initial Accreditation

The Ledger‎ (, Tampa Bay Business Journal)

The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education gave the new USF College of Pharmacy initial accreditation earlier this month. The new college also has gotten membership in the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, which USF officials said is

Trainers can learn a lot from a dummy

Tampa Tribune

A University of South Florida medical team attends to an iStan human simulator at the USF football practice field Wednesday. The dummy helps medical professionals learn how to deal with rare, life-threatening injuries…

A High-tech Simulator Helps USF Teach Athletic Trainers

WUSF 89.7 FM

“Most of these people out here today have only practiced a couple times,” said Micki Cuppett, director of USF’s Athletic Training Education, “and so the more times we can get them to practice, the better they’re going to be if the situation ever arose that they would have to provide resuscitation on the field.”

USF Study Shows Targeted Workouts Might Protect Firefighters From Injuries


The University of South Florida won a federal grant worth more than $700000 to see how an exercise routine targeting the back helps Tampa firefighters. The research involves about 100 firefighters from 21 Tampa Fire Rescue stations — half in a control

Live longer and better in America’s Healthiest Hometown

The Villages Daily Sun

If Villagers are to live longer and healthier lives, it all begins with having convenient access to their own personal health information, says the University of South Florida’s Dr. Jay Wolfson.

Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite‎

Philip D. Shenefelt is a dermatologist and subject matter expert at the University of South Florida. In mid-May, a study from Canada alerted the medical community that bedbugs might carry pathogens

Lehigh Valley campus to celebrate a century of service to region

Media Newswire (R&D Magazine)

Her hard work paid off as she graduated in May and was recently accepted to the first-ever class of a new medical education partnership between Lehigh Valley Health Network ( LVHN ) and the University of South Florida College of Medicine ( USFCOM)

Expert on Alzheimer’s to Speak Today

The Ledger‎

Dr. Eric Pfeiffer, founding director of the Eric Pfeiffer Suncoast Alzheimer’s Center at the University of South Florida, will be speaking in Lakeland at 3:30 pm today on “The Art of Caregiving in Alzheimer’s.” Pfeiffer, emeritus professor of

Is Google making us dumber?

MyFox Tampa Bay‎

Dr. Afield is a brain expert and one of the founders of USF’s College of Medicine. He says the findings shouldn’t be considered negative. “It is not dumbing us down, it’s not messing with our brains. You have to have the basic fundamental knowledge

Getting teens more sleep

Tampa Tribune

Here are suggestions from Mac Anderson, program director for the University of South Florida’s Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program and director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Tampa General Hospital. Find out when your teen is going to sleep — not

Classes too early for teens?

MyFox Tampa Bay‎

Dr. Robert Geck, who practices Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at TGH and USF, says high school kids “do” need to sleep in. “Their hormones, their sleep hormones, their brain is actually programmed to sleep better, later and to sleep in

I-Team: Doctors Accused of drug Trafficking Continue to Treat Patients

ABC Action News

Doctors have a special place in society, and with good reason. They save lives. The vast majority of doctors have no disciplinary problems and work hard every day to help their patients…County Sheriff s Office says they are currently investigating his clinic. USF professor and health law expert Dr. Jay Wolfson says the process…

Dirty Air: Florida Ranks Third Worst for Power Plant Generated Toxic Air

St. Petersburg Times

A new report out by the National Resources Defense Council lists Florida as the third worst states for toxic air pollution in the nation, making the list as one of the nation’s Toxic 20….families,” said Lynn Ringenberg, a pediatrician at the University of South Florida and founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility. “Air…

Pasco Is Facing A School Nurse Shortage‎

The University of South Florida/Ronald McDonald health care unit and Florida Vision Mobile unit (funded by the Glazer Family Foundation) are mobile units that visit schools on a regular basis. Last year, 233 pairs of free eyeglasses were given to

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