USF Neuroscience Collaborative website launched

The neurosciences — one of the University of South Florida’s signature research programs — just got a virtual space in which to be showcased.

The USF Neuroscience Collaborative website has been launched at:

In keeping with the mission of the Collaborative to promote new neuroscience research collaborations across the entire USF campus, the new site includes the following features:

• A searchable USF Neuroscience Collaborative Membership Directory of approximately 250 USF faculty members with interests in the neurosciences, from addiction and aging to stroke and traumatic brain injury.

• An overview of USF Neurosciences with active links to departments and centers at USF and its affiliates

• Active news feeds to news items focused on the USF Neurosciences

• Links to core research facilities and centers at USF and its affiliates

• Links to both intramural and extramural grant funding opportunities in the neurosciences

• Detailed descriptions of the USF Neuroscience Collaborative, its missions and progress

• An online application for prospective members

• A listing of USF Neuroscience Collaborative funded research projects and their progress

The Neuroscience Collaborative is directed by Clifton Gooch, MD, professor and chair of neurology, and David Diamond, PhD, professor of psychology.

“Initiatives like the USF Neuroscience Collaborative are rapidly transforming USF into an international leader in the neurosciences and making our reputation as a leader in creating innovative academic models,” said Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA, CEO of USF Health and dean of the College of Medicine.