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September 21, 2014

An Idea Whose Time Had Come: Florida’s First College of Public Health

“USF was chosen as the place for Florida’s College of Public Health,” Dr. Peter Levin wrote in 1984, “because of the broad base of knowledge found in the many colleges of the University and the unique Tampa location.” Levin, the college’s first dean, expounded further, noting that not only faculty from the colleges of medicine and nu... READ MORE »


USF College of Public Health Becomes World Health Organization Collaborating Center

The World Health Organization has designated the USF College of Public Health as a WHO Collaborating Center for Social Marketing and Social Change to address non-communicable diseases. With the designation of WHO CC on Social Marketing, USF College of Public Health joins a select group of centers around the world. Appointed by the WHO director-g... READ MORE »


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Graduate student Funmilayo Olaoye uses “international language” for prevention education [video]

“It’s so hard to say goodbye,” Funmilayo Olaoye wrote from Uganda on her USF blog in early September. “How time flies. I can’t believe 8 weeks is over and it’s time for me to return to the United States. I write this with uncontrollable tears rolling down my cheeks. The farewell song that the children sang for me ended abruptly as we couldn’t restrain our emotions amidst tears.” Funmilayo Olaoye Olaoy... READ MORE »

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Universal lust for life and service drive Dr. Jason Salemi

“I love that we public health professionals are collectively invaluable cogs in the wheel of the world’s health,” COPH grad Dr. Jason Salemi said. “We fight for the right to health for every living person on our planet, and we are charged with ensuring that those rights are not disproportion... READ MORE »

Passion and practice call to COPH grad Brian Vesely

“Research is great and rewarding in the long run, but I get more daily satisfaction out of teaching,” said College of Public Health graduate Brian Vesely, PhD, MPH, CPH. “I am very grateful to have been given ample teaching opportunities as a graduate teaching assistant.” [caption id="att... READ MORE »

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