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The Center for Operational Readiness, Response & Recovery offers initial course in Florida

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On January 7-12, USF’s Center for Operational Readiness, Response, & Recovery (COR3) led a group of 41 professionals in “Foundations of Emergency Management” at Camp Blanding, Florida.  The state’s Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) asked COR3to create and teach the course.

“Florida is the first state to offer this new course and will likely serve as the model for future implementation of this foundational training,” said Mark A. O’Neill, PhD, CPM, COR3 deputy director of Policy, Planning and Evaluation.

Donald E. Mullins, COR3 director, Dr. Mark A. O’Neill, and Kevin C. Rolfe, deputy director for Responder Training & Exercises, led the effort to convert the national curriculum into a Florida-specific course and teach the course. This entailed a visit to FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute in August to ensure Florida’s approach would align with national intent,  editing the course materials, and converting five modules into an on-line format with voice-over editing.  Mullins and Rolfe used their extensive backgrounds in Florida history and emergency management to provide accurate information, visuals, and examples.  Rolfe also served as the lead planner for the exercise that was a critical element of learner evaluation.

Don Mullins, COR3 director, serves as a lead instructor for Florida’s first "Foundations of Emergency Management Course" at Camp Blanding

Public health and medical professionals were well represented in this first course offering, including planners from St. Johns and Indian River County Health Departments, Florida Department of Health staff (FDOH), emergency management students, and train-the-trainer candidates.

“COR3 continues to support FDEM and FDOH training and exercise needs throughout the state as we work to better integrate public health practice into emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation,” Dr. Mark A. O’Neill.

The University of South Florida College of Public Health is the parent organization for COR3.

Kevin Rolfe, COR3 deputy director, provides direction to exercise participants at Camp Blanding

Submitted by Dr. Mark A. O’Neill, deputy director, Center for Operational, Readiness, Response & Recovery