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Global health infectious disease research program hosts drug discovery conference

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The second annual symposium, 2013 Frontiers of Drug Discovery, with an attendance of approximately 60 people, was held on March 29 at the USF Interdisciplinary Research Building.  Hosted by the COPH Global Health Infectious Disease Research Program and the USF Center for Drug Discovery and Innovation and chaired by Drs. John Adams and Bill Baker, the symposium provided an opportunity for pre-doctoral students, post-doctoral scientists, junior faculty and staff to present their research as it relates to academic drug discovery.  Oral presentations and a session of 27 posters featured research from the Departments of Global Health; Chemistry;  Molecular Medicine; and Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology.  Awards for outstanding research were presented to doctoral students Carrie Butler (mentor:  Dr. Michael White), Amanda Hott (mentor:  Dr. Dennis Kyle), and Derek Nichols (mentor:  Dr. Yu Chen).  

Guest speakers were Dr. Thomas Wellems, Chief, Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, speaking on malaria treatment and prospects for control in an age of drug resistance, and Dr. Ben Shen, Director, Natural Products Library Initiative at The Scripps Research Institute, addressing natural product biosynthesis, engineering and drug discovery.

Doctoral students participating in the Interdisciplinary Training Program for Infectious Disease Drug Discovery are eligible to apply for travel awards to attend and present research at national and international scientific meetings.  To learn more about the Drug Discovery Training Program, contact Matthew Rollie at or go to the CDDI website at