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Hunter Zager is a regional emergency response advisor in Florida

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Hunter Zager is one of seven regional emergency response advisors for the Florida Department of Health. She is assigned to the Tampa Bay Region (RDSTF 4).

As a regional advisor, Zager collaborates with eight county health departments in Tampa Bay on preparedness and response.  She is responsible for covering a wide range of events including hurricanes and natural disasters, anthrax threats, and other emergencies like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Special events such as the Super Bowl and Republican National Convention (RNC) also fall within her jurisdiction.

Earlier this year, Zager was involved in a year plus of planning to prepare the local health and medical system for expected and potential impacts from the RNC. She was primarily charged with patient movement and wrote the Aerial Point of Embarkation Plan which entailed relocating large numbers of patients by air. If activation had been necessary, she would have managed the APOE set-up and operation.

Thankfully, the APOE was not activated and the RNC was mostly uneventful from a preparedness standpoint. Zager led a team of field personnel charged with monitoring deployed health and medical assets, assisting with logistical needs, and troubleshooting field-level health and medical issues.

Ms. Hunter Zager earned master of public health degree in global health practice from the University of South Florida College of Public Health.