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Representatives of RIWATCH-Roing (India) visit Tampa and the College of Public Health

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On Friday afternoon, Dr. Joram Begi (pictured) and Vijay Swami visited the College of Public Health from India in representation of RIWATCH-Roing. RIWATCH (Research Institute of the World’s Ancient Traditions, Cultures, and Heritage) is a nonprofit organization established under the auspices of International Center of Cultural Studies (ICCS) USA with an academic center on 25 acres of land in Roing in the Lower Dibang Valley of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, part of the tribal belt of northeastern India.

Dr. Begi, Chairman of the Governing Body of RIWATCH-Roing and Director of Higher and Technical Education for the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, provided some background on the region where RIWATCH is located before turning the presentation over to Mr. Swami. Mr. Swami, Executive Director of RIWATCH-Roing and Secretary of the Governing Body, discussed in more detail the activities being carried out by RIWATCH along with the facilities that exist and are being developed at the academic center in Arunachal Pradesh.