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Representatives of the Center for Operational Readiness, Response & Recovery (COR3) Investigate Potential for Collaboration in Malaysia

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In 2011, Dr. Boo Kwa and Dr. Wayne Westhoff invited the Center for Operational Readiness, Response & Recovery (COR3) to follow up on disaster preparedness and response discussions they had started with colleagues in Penang, Malaysia.  With a great deal of support from Dean Donna Petersen and Associate Dean Jay Evans,  Don Mullins (right), COR3 Director, and Dr. Mark O’Neill (left), COR3 Deputy Director, travled to Penang this past July to investigate potential collaboration among a variety of public health and medical stakeholders.

Among the many highlights of our trip were discussing disaster recovery courses with the Professor Dato Dr. Ho Sinn Chye and the faculty at Wawasan Open University (WOU), disaster-related training for clinical staff  from private sector hospitals and the Allied Health Centre of Excellence, and potential collaborative research in the area of sustainable disaster preparedness and response with Professor Kanayathu Chacko Koshy at the Universiti Sains Malaysia’s (USM) Centre for Global Sustainability.  One of the best moments during our trip was the opportunity to sit in on the final presentations by USF undergraduates studying at USM.  We were very impressed with the projects Dr. Kwa’s students conducted in Malaysia.  

We want to thank Dr. Kwa and Dr. Westhoff for their collegiality in offering us this exciting opportunity and for supporting our efforts in beautiful Penang!  COR3 looks forward to working with our Global Health partners as they continue to improve health outcomes around the world.  

Submitted by Dr. Mark A. O’Neill, Deputy Director, Center for Operational, Readiness, Response & Recovery (COR3)