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  • About the International Foundation

    Arlene Calvo, Faculty member. Aracely Quintero, Director

    In its search for academic excellence and innovative research and educational models, USF Health has found a marvelous opportunity in Panama, Central America , for our international and global initiatives.  Our efforts lead to the opening of a representative office in that country, the USF Health International Foundation.

    The Foundation is located in the City of Knowledge , an international complex of organizations for education, research and innovation.  It hosts the Regional UN House, International Red Cross Federation offices, PAHO Disaster Management offices, and Peace Corps offices, and many other regional headquarters.

    Through its Panama Office, USF Health is leading in health research and academic entrepreneurship, maintaining its collaboration with The City of Knowledge Foundation, Gorgas Memorial Research Institute, University of Panama, and Universidad Latina among many other Panamanian and international organizations and agencies.

    Among the activities facilitated through the USF Health Office in Panama you can find the following:

    • International Conferences and workshops on site and through distance education
    • Academic courses and capacity building training programs as well as Spanish immersion courses
    • Study abroad programs for students in a variety of topical areas
    • International Field Experience placements for students.  Students have an opportunity to work with local and international organizations with family home stays
    • Practice programs for Executive Public Health Students
    • Research projects in a variety of areas in collaboration with local and regional institutions:

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