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  • Program. Vaccinology in the Tropics 2012

    Vaccinology in the tropics

    Vaccine research  is the key to prevent multiple diseases worldwide.  LatinAmerica has become the perfect location for the newest vaccines resulting in the development of regional policy changes in health prevention and promotion.   HPV vaccine, Rotavirus vaccines, and  other bacterial vaccines have been studied extensively and proved to be safe during these clinical trial.

    Vaccinology in the Tropics is a unique conference  gathers experts in vaccine research from USA, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Chile.

    Come and join us in Panama  from March 15-17th for a great learning experience.

    Download the program here 

    Further Information

    Telephone:                                  (507) 317-1822
    Register Online:                Select “March 2012” (Start Month)
    Registration in Panama:
    Download the program:



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