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SOAR Release


USF Health has released new updates to SOAR (Student On-Line Application Request), a secondary online application for undergraduate and graduate students looking to apply and enroll for any USF Health College of Nursing programs. SOAR works in conjunction with OASIS as a means to enforce admissions requirements for prospective nursing students as well as to prevent repetitive data entry. The new updates to SOAR will streamline all applicant and student data, improve communication, and expedite the application process.


Students can find SOAR at the following URL:


New updates to SOAR:


  • Graduate students are now able to apply to SOAR within 3 terms of their original USF Graduate School admission date


Intent to Enroll

  • Intent to Enroll has transitioned into an online electronic process
  • Allows the applicant to indicate their intentions to either accept or decline admission to the program
  • Provides information about applicant’s planned residence, military status, and employment while at USF to the College of Nursing
  • Administrative features include the ability to set Intent to Enroll completion due dates.
  • Expedites the clinical placement process


Discussion Board

  • The built-in discussion board will allow for a more centralized method of communication between the admissions personnel and applicants in order to reduce the amount of emails sent from the admission officer’s personal email
  • Admissions personnel are able to communicate with a group of applicants or a single applicant regarding their application status
  • Admissions personnel are able attach files via the discussion board
  • Applicants are able receive and view attached files via the discussion board


Membership & Affiliation

  • Administrative features include the ability to add membership & affiliation questions to a program’s application
  • Admins are able to verify the memberships and affiliations from the application


V-CARE Program

  • Attests that applicants meet the minimum requirements for the V-CARE program
  • Applicants are able to view a writing sample specially tailored for the V-CARE program



  • Consolidates applicant’s demographic information
  • Information reported by admissions personnel are used for admission decisions, clinical placements, and accreditation requirements