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Bringing Science Home is proud to announce the release of ‘Happiness 101′, which reinforces new healthy solutions in chronic disease education. This section includes a new online resource entitled ‘Living Your Best Life with Diabetes’. Living Your Best Life with Diabetes is a program specifically designed to help diabetic patients manage the everyday stressors of living with diabetes by evaluating their current outlook on life and by providing helpful tips to improve towards a healthier and happier life.

You can find Happiness 101 at the following URL:


Happiness 101



Your Mood Meter rating will determine the appropriate steps needed to lead a happier lifestyle.


Happiness 101 focuses on helping diabetic patients look for the appropriate steps in leading a more optimistic lifestyle. Although living with diabetes may present numerous challenges, your mental health and optimistic state of mind is just as important in managing diabetes. Optimism is often linked to improved health and functioning, reduced stress, better health outcomes, and decreased risk for other diseases. The byproduct of how you treat yourself mentally certainly correlates to your overall health.

Happiness 101 provides several videos that connects to the Learn system which hosts 4 modules. Each of the 4 modules includes videos, case studies, activities, and information that can be beneficial to improving optimism. Under the Personal Strengths and Support module, you’ll be asked to complete a quick survey. After evaluating the survey, the program will send you feedback about your responses to give you a better picture of your own self-perception and overall happiness.



Study Participation

After you have completed viewing the modules, you can opt to participate in the program’s research study. Although the research element is both elective and anonymous, it allows the program to further understand the impact of the videos have on your self perceptions by reviewing your pre and post surveys. Participants don’t need to have a USF Health account to take part of the research study. Confidentiality of your research records will be strictly maintained so that data is never directly linked to individual identity. Those who choose to give consent to take part in this study will benefit by developing better ways to manage diabetes, learning more about living optimistically, and attaining ongoing support for developing personal goals that you set. The program will also award a $50 gift card for those who choose to participate in the gift card drawing. For every 25 participants, 1 gift card will be provided.