Liaison Committee on Medical Education

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Overview of LCME Process

The University of South Florida (USF) Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM) educational program leading to the MD degree will undergo an accreditation review and visit by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) on February 22-25, 2015. Our last full accreditation survey occurred in 2007 and we were awarded continued full accreditation status for the remainder of the maximum 8-year term.

The purpose of the LCME accreditation process is to certify that the educational program leading to the MD degree meets the prescribed LCME standards and to promote institutional self-evaluation and improvement. Central to this process, is the institutional self-study which began in earnest at USF in February 2014 and will be complete by the end of the summer 2014. Planning for the self-study process begin in 2012. The self-study process brings together representatives of the administration, faculty, student body and other constituencies to 1) collect and review data about the medical school and its educational programs, 2) identify institutional strengths and issues requiring action, and 3) define strategies to ensure that the strengths are maintained and any problems addressed. Undertaking this self-study process and the LCME accreditation process concurrently with our on-going other strategic reform efforts in the School of Medicine will provide mutually informed and synergetic outcomes.

We have appointed seven self-study subcommittees (approximately 100 individuals) to address the five LCME areas of Institutional Setting, Educational Program for the MD degree, Medical Students, Faculty Affairs, and Educational Resources. Each subcommittee has basic science and clinical faculty members. Medical students also serve on the subcommittees. These subcommittees will review and assess the databases that represent a current snapshot of our Medical Education program related to the LCME standards and complete subcommittee reports.

Once the self-study is completed, an executive summary and database with the school’s information will be submitted to the LCME, which follows with a survey visit to the school. The site survey visit for accreditation will take place February 22-25, 2015. Faculty, staff and students who would like more information on the process of the self-study will find several useful documents on the LCME website and on this site.