MCOM Student Council

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    This site will help you visualize anatomy of the human body in 3D model. It can only be opened with google chrome

    This site is the COM anatomy lab that contains information for the upcoming lab and pre-lab

    A very useful reference site

    This site has many resource to help student with their career

    This site is a sharepoint in which Dr. Specter post helpful links that will help student with their medical career choices. Log in with your usf health screen name and password

    This site has information on the various educational programs at MCOM

    USMLE – Step 1 & Step 2
    United States Medical Licensing Examination official website

    Help you review Step 1 material with online flash card and quizes

    Help you review Step 1 material with a large question bank

    The Apps program allow you remote access to Adobe software (dreamweaver, photoshop, and more), Microsoft Office (word 2010, powerpoint 2010, and more), various statistic software all free. You can register with your USF ID and Password.

    This program allows you 4 gigabytes of online storage through USF IT

    USF Computer store is located online and at the Marshall Center. The store have various hardware and software for sale at discounted price for student and faculty. Office Pro Plus 2010 Media: $15.94 – Office Mac 2011 Standard Media: $14.24

    Free Symantec anti-Virus program for student/staff/faculty