The State University System Approves several COP graduate Courses.
February 26, 2015

“COP Office of Graduate Programs(OGP)  is getting ready to accept applications for admission in the summer term with the approval of the several Courses by the SUS” according to Dr Shyam Mohapatra, Associate Dean, who has been recently selected to receive the 2015 USF Outstanding Faculty Award (in a ceremony to be held on March 24, […]

The Emerging Ebola Epidemic: What do We Need to Know to Be Ready?
November 3, 2014

Join us on Saturday, November 15, 2014 for a half-day conference on The Emerging Ebola Epidemic.  Please click on the link to see the flyer for registration details. PROGRAM BACKGROUND The Ebola epidemic in West Africa began in December 2013, but was not detected until March, 2014. As of August 2014, there have been more than […]

Choose The Future of Pharmacy – USF Health College of Pharmacy
August 1, 2014

An important message from Dr. Sneed. Click to view.  

USF Graduate Council approves the COP Graduate Certificate: Pharmacy-Update and Practice Management (PUPM)
May 19, 2014

With the approval of the USF Graduate Council, COP is ready to roll out its graduate programs beginning with a Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy-Update and Practice Management (PUPM). This is a one- to two-year online graduate course designed for PharmD students, pharmacy interns or registered pharmacists and others. This course provides a clear extension and continuation […]

LEADERSHIP in Inter-Professional Student Organizations
February 17, 2014

Our journey into the depths of organizational leadership opportunities via USF College of Pharmacy (COP) takes us now to inter-professional organizations.  Please revisit previous blogs in this series for more information on other organizations (insert links to other blogs here). Though other inter-professional organizations and opportunities exist, the following two organizations embraced our COP more rapidly. […]

Office of Graduate Programs
January 30, 2014

The USF College of Pharmacy (COP) is pleased to announce the establishment of its Office of Graduate Programs. COP was established in 2010 to offer the  PharmD program. The vision for Research & Graduate education at COP included developing cutting-edge research in two areas: Nanomedicine and Pharmacogenomics, creating a diverse learning environment for students and faculty […]

Provider Status: Pharmacists
January 26, 2014

By Philip Bonet, Class of 2015 During my summer vacation I took a weeklong trip to our nation’s capital. Standing on the steps of the Capitol and facing the National Mall inspired me to become just a bit more actively involved in our nation’s political events. As a third year pharmacy student one of my concerns […]

Pharmacogenomics: Why Pharmacists?
January 11, 2014

By: Nathan Seligson, Class of 2015 Pharmacists have a unique perspective on medication therapies. Commonly referred to as “drug experts”, no other health professional has a deeper, more encompassing understanding of pharmaceuticals. Much like the clinical study of pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics is destined to be implemented by qualified pharmacists1. Pharmacogenomics concerns itself with the effect of genetic […]

LEADERSHIP in USF COP Professional Pharmacy Organizations (Part 2)
November 25, 2013

As we continue to explore leadership opportunities available at the USF College of Pharmacy (COP), please revisit the earlier series posts (LEADERSHIP in the College of Pharmacy and LEADERSHIP in USF COP Professional Pharmacy Organizations Part 1). In part 2, we hear again from the 2013-2014 organization presidents of USF professional pharmacy organizations:   American Association […]

LEADERSHIP in USF COP Professional Pharmacy Organizations (Part 1)
November 18, 2013

This serves as a continuation of our leadership blog series (see previous post). In this episode, we expand on leadership opportunities within various professional pharmacy organizations. The 2013-2014 organization presidents of the first three such organizations formed on the USF campus give their take on leadership development opportunities in each respective organization: American Pharmacists Association-Academy of […]

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