Are physician leaders born or made?

Here’s an interesting debate on the 33 Charts blog about our new SELECT MD program, which aims to train the next generation of physician leaders.
Our first class of SELECT students just arrived on campus a few weeks ago. They were chosen partly on the basis of our assessment of their emotional intelligence.

I have to argue with calling our students “a sheltered group of ‘thought-leaders’ from a pre-formulated personality profile or EQ index,” because they’re a pretty impressive bunch.  They’re already raising kids, volunteering in Haiti and working on neuroscience research – not exactly sheltered.

That aside, I’m glad to see that SELECT is sparking debate about where our future leaders should come from. This post raises interesting question about leadership: Can it be taught? Is it an innate talent? Or, if it is a skill, is it learned only from hard-won experience in the trenches of medicine, not in the classroom?