In sickness and in health

Here’s an interesting post by Dr. Stephen Schimpff over on KevinMD.  He’s right on target when he says the problem with the health care system is that it’s really a “sick care system.”

Too much of what we do in medicine is essentially defensive. We see patients only when things go wrong and they have problems. We don’t spend enough time helping people to be healthy.

Sadly, the way our healthcare system rewards doctors reinforces the emphasis on “sick care.” Doctors get paid most when patients are the sickest. It makes it that much easier to focus only on illness – intervening in the moment of crisis, rather than working with patients to improve their health and avoid the crisis.

That’s why initiatives like USF Health’s Bringing Science Home are important. Bringing Science Home is designed to help people with chronic diseases live more optimistically. Ultimately, we help patients to become more empowered and take charge of their health.