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What comes next: Focusing on transformation
June 29, 2012

What healthcare needs is more than reform. It needs transformation. The Institute of Medicine was right when it said the current system of care is broken: “The American health care delivery system is in need of fundamental change. The current care systems cannot do the job. Trying harder will not work. Changing systems of care will.” And that means that we need to stay focused on the big picture. Buckminster Fuller once said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that […]

Today’s guest post: Jay Wolfson talks healthcare reform
June 28, 2012

Sometimes it’s handy for a doctor to have a public health expert around. Today is one of those days. I’m turning my blog over to Jay Wolfson of the USF College of Public Health for a guest post on his thoughts about the Supreme Court opinion on the Affordable Care Act. The USF Health College of […]

Teaching empathy in health care
June 22, 2012

It’s so encouraging to see more people in medicine studying and promoting the importance of empathy for doctors who want to deliver quality health care. A new study out of Mass General, reported today in the New York Times, showed that young doctors could be taught to become more empathetic. Doctors who went through the training […]

CAMLS…the future of healthcare rocks
June 14, 2012

httpv:// USF Health’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation is not only teaching tomorrow’s care…It has its own soundtrack.      

Seeking safety doesn’t end with surgery
June 8, 2012

Sometimes, even in the best hospitals, things go wrong. Great steps have been taken to reduce the risks of surgery, and many of those have been successful. These days, it’s how health care professionals respond when things go wrong – the ability to rescue – that separates the average from the great, says surgeon and writer Dr. Atul Gawande. Dr. Gawande, one of the nation’s best and most thoughtful advocates for patient safety, points to a University of Michigan study that emphasizes the problem of “failure to rescue.” Hospitals have […]

How not to talk to your patients…
June 4, 2012

httpv:// The public view of doctors used to be reflected in TV’s iconic Marcus Welby, MD. You had the caring yet brilliant doc who  would do a house call to check on little Timmy’s earache, head over to the hospital for a bit of neurosurgery, and maybe drop by the farm to help birth a calf on the way home. All in a day’s work. Today’s ultimate doctor is Gregory House. This clip says it all.