New workshop builds leadership skills in medical residents

While medical residents are immersed in training for becoming skilled physicians, they are rarely taught the nuances of leadership.

To remedy the gap, USF recently hosted its first workshop for training chief residents how to become effective leaders. Partnering with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), USF’s Graduate Medical Education program hosted 36 chief residents to help them build their knowledge and appreciation for leading fellow physician residents.

Chief medical residents at ACGME workshop

Called The Leadership Skills Training Program for Chief Residents, the workshop examined interpersonal behavior, personal leadership styles and residents’ strengths and weaknesses as leaders, effectively giving and receiving feedback and evaluation, the complexities of conflict resolution and negotiation, and group and institutional forces affecting the chief resident role.

The program was very well received, said Sue Middleton, director of USF Graduate Medical Education of this inaugural event.

Charles N. Paidas, MD, MBA, associate dean for USF’s Graduate Medical Education, said the success could help spur future workshops.

“This was our first-ever leadership training for residents and it was a big success,” he said. “The next focus will be training mid-level residents on leadership and teaching skills.”