Dr. Les Miller named to medical advisory council for Okyanos Heart Institute

USF cardiologist Leslie Miller, MD, FACC, was recently named to the medical advisory council of Okyanos Heart Institute, a Center of Excellence (CoE) based in the Bahamas.

Dr. Miller is chairman of the USF Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and is director and CEO of the USF Cardiovascular Clinical and Research Integrated Strategic Program.

The mission of Okyanos Heart Institute is to bring a new standard of care to patients with chronic coronary artery disease using cardiac cell therapy, a blend of stem and regenerative cells that supports the growth of new blood vessels and assists the heart in repairing tissue damaged by heart attack and disease. The Okyanos Medical Advisory Council serves as a leadership council, providing the Okyanos Heart Institute with medical guidelines for cardiac cell therapy.

An expert in cardiology, especially of heart failure and transplant, Dr. Miller will provide insight on heart failure and the mechanisms by which cardiac cell therapy can assist in the improvement of heart function and the repair of heart damage.

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