USF Health honors many for length of service to USF Health

Three hundred faculty and staff are being honored for their time at USF at the annual Length of Service Dinner tomorrow evening (Oct. 10).

Among the group are eight who have worked here for 35 or 40 years. They are John Curran, MD, Patricia Bickel, Candace Burns PhD, Julie Dehainaut, Neil Fenske, MD, Paula Knaus, Bruce Lindsey, PhD, and Willie Mitchell. As a preview of the awards dinner, some of them shared some memories of the past and looked to the success taking place today at USF Health.

Several are being honored for their 35 and 40 years of service. They are, from left, They are Paula Knaus (35), Patsy Bickel (35), Willie Mitchell (35), Dr. Neil Fenske (35), Julie Dehainaut (35), and Dr. Bruce Lindsey (35). Not pictured is Dr. Candace Burns (35) and Dr. John Curran (40).

Julie Dehainaut: “Remembering back when I first started working here over 30 years ago the campus was small like a small town, and now the growth is amazing. We are our own city. One could get lost on campus these days.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined such change and growth and that I was able to be a part of it.”

Dr. Neil Fenske: “A couple of thoughts regarding my first encounter with USF. When I arrived at USF I was astounded to learn I had no office and only one exam room available (exam room #9) for patient care in the old clinic. Now, I have the privilege of providing patient care in the fabulous new Morsani Center for Advanced Health Care. Life is good and what a journey it has been to make something of nothing.”

Bruce Lindsey: “The good old days:  In 1977, we all would get together for lunch in the cafeteria where the book store and graduate-post-doc offices are today. We all wore ties and lab coats to the medical classes and the faculty were highly dedicated to providing a great learning environment for our students. (Now in) 2012: Today we have the same dedication to our students. The faculty is more geographically dispersed, but technology lets us stay connected.  USF in the Big East and we now have over $400 million in research – amazing!”

Willie Mitchell: “I remember meeting John Lott Brown in 1977 (who was at the time) the youngest president to head a university in the state of Florida. Such an energetic person. And they said we‘ll never have a football team. GO BULLS! What a wonderful time to be a MCOM student – with all the vast opportunities for such a gifted group of young people.”