USF Health employees demonstrate excellence, earn Outstanding Staff Awards

Seventeen staff members from USF Health were among the 68 USF employees honored April 2 with Outstanding Staff Awards.

Each year, USF employees from across campus are selected to win the award, which recognizes those who demonstrate excellence and performance that supports the overall values and standards of USF.

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This year, eight USF Health staff members won individual awards and nine earned an award as a team for their outstanding work in 2012. At the event, each employee was spotlighted as he or she received a plaques and a check for $500. Joann Strobbe, associate vice president and chief financial officer for USF Health, presented the awards to USF Health awardees.

The individual USF Health awardees are:
Lani Boothman-Carpenter, instructional developer in USF Health Information Systems
Frances J. Carreras, academic services administrator for the Morsani College of Medicine Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
Emma Gonzalez, clinical research administrator for the Morsani College of Medicine Department of Pediatrics
Jessica Grossman, academic services administrator for the College of Public Health Department of Global Health
Kristina James, academic services administrator for the College of Public Health Department of Community and Family Health
Vicky Mastorides, department administrator for the USF Health VIP Concierge Services, and the Morsani College of Medicine Departments of Neurology and Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
Mari Miranda, administrative specialist for the College of Nursing Dean’s Office
Eric Younghans, photographer, USF Health


And the team from the College of Nursing Research Center includes:
Cathryn Branch, unit research administrator
Paula Cairns, nurse researcher
Sue Ann Girling, research grant assistant
Susan Johanson, unit research administrator
Rajendra Kadel, data manager
Kevin Kip, PhD, professor and executive director, Research Center
Mari Miranda, administrative assistant
Janice Walker, unit research administrator
Trudy Wittenberg, unit research administrator


Photos by Aimee Blodgett, USF Marketing and Communications