USF Health students host bootcamp, help make Southeast the Healthiest Region of AMA

USF medical students made healthy use of a $250 grant they received from the American Medical Association. They held a fitness bootcamp to promote healthy behaviors as part of the AMA’s Week of Wellness.

The Section Involvement Grant provided basic equipment that allowed students a good workout that included hand weights, isometric exercises, calisthenics, and other aerobic exercises. About 30 medical and physical therapy students attended the bootcamp, which was held April 11on the grounds behind the anatomy labs near the USF Health Bookstore.

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This sponsored bootcamp was not the group’s first, said first-year medical student Phillip Zegelbone, chair of the USF AMA chapter.

“Bootcamps have been going on all year, and we hope to have many more in the future,” he said. “The AMA on campus will be cosponsoring more bootcamps in the future but this was the first bootcamp they sponsored.”

The grant to USF, along with the bootcamp track record, also helped push the Southeast region of the student AMA chapters into being named the Healthiest Region in the AMA in a contest the AMA’s medical student regions, he said.

In addition to the funds to host the fitness camp, Zegelbone said they won a keynote speaker.

“The president of the national AMA (not the medical student section) will address our region at our regional meeting at our annual conference in June,” he said. “This is a big deal and we are very proud of the students who helped make this happen.”

Nicholas James, MS1 and Leslie Erin, DPT1, ran the boot camp, and Tom Fowler, MS1 and Zegelbone applied for the AMA grant.

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