USF Health’s SMART Institute helps TECO linemen use sports injury prevention techniques to stay safe

Students in USF’s athletic training program are helping Tampa Electric linemen prevent injuries inherent in their jobs that involve reaching, lifting and holding by applying the same concepts used for protecting athletes.

Just as athlete trainers advise sports players on form and technique to prevent injury – and are on-site during practice and games – the USF athletic training faculty and students are helping TECO linemen practice safe ways for doing their jobs.

The USF Sports Medicine & Athletic Related Trauma (SMART) Institute has partnered with TECO for the program that will not only help the linemen, but also provide the USF student athletic trainers with another facet of care beyond sports, said Barbara Morris, DHSc, an adjunct professor of Athletic Training at USF.

“We’re providing TECO with the same concepts for injury prevention used in sports with an added industrial component,” Dr. Morris said. “For students, it introduces another prospective for the concepts that typically focus on athletes.”

The program includes advice on how to reduce muscle-related injuries, as well as treatment for minor sprains and strains that can affect the workers while on the job, as well as at home.

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