Fourth quarter 2016 winners earn Press Ganey awards

Winners for the fourth quarter for 2016 have been named based on their stellar work as noted in patient satisfaction surveys for the USF Physicians Group. The high marks earned them awards that are part of the USFPG’s Press Ganey Employee Recognition Program, an effort to recognize those with top scores in each quarterly report.

The ongoing award program recognizes those who excelled in providing USF Health patients with exceptional care and service. Named each quarter based on that quarter’s survey results, winners are from four categories: provider, nurse practitioner/physician assistant, nurse, and office staff.

Q4-2016 winners are:

Provider: Eduardo Gonzalez, MD, FAAFP, associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine, with a score of 99%.

Nurse practitioner/physician assistant: Jennifer Teeters, PA, in the Department of Family Medicine, with a score of 99%

Nurse/MA: Sarah Mister, RN, Cardiology at FCI Sun City, with a score of 99%

Office staff/front desk: 5th Floor Morsani Center: Ira Camargo, Michoo Etienne, Denise Evenson, Stephanie Graham, Ronda Palmer, Samantha Pickett, Erica Rabeau, Mercy Sanchez, Jo An Vinci, Erica Windham, and Patty Zarate, with a score of 99%


Family Medicine Chair Richard Roetzheim congratulates Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez, who won the provider award with a score of 99%, and Jennifer Teeters, who won the nurse practitioner/physician assistant award with a score of 99%. Photo by Rainia Ruth.


From left, Cathy Rivera, Sarah Mister (nurse winner), and Amy Patterson. Mister had a score of 99%. Photo by Rania Ruth.


Fifth floor of the Morsani Center staff/front desk winners: from left seated, Denise Evenson, Ira Camargo, Erica Rabeau; from left standing, Samantha Pickett, Jo An Vinci, Carmen Guzman (supervisor), Mercy Sanchez, and Erica Windham. Not pictured is Michoo Etienne, Stephanie Graham, Ronda Palmer, and Patty Zarate. The team had a score of 99%. Photo by Freddie Coleman.


Awards include a crystal bull for winning providers, an award that rotates among future winners, similar to the Stanley Cup for the National Hockey League. Winners in the other categories choose from several award options, such as lunch with colleagues, ice cream party, a catered “Breakfast from the Boss,” a cake party, and a patient comment plaque.

Patient surveys are provided through Press Ganey and are designed to encompass the entire patient experience, from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave. For USFPG providers, the survey helps them understand what patients expect. Feedback, both complimentary and critical, helps USFPG providers know where they stand, giving them a baseline for implementing improvements. The information collected is used to define and design strategies that improve patient care and build stronger patient safety initiatives, as well as provide benchmarking opportunities with other large academic physician practices.