MCOM student receives honors from Florida Vascular Society

Abdullah Abou-Samra

Abdullah Abou-Samra recently earned the distinction as the Florida Vascular Society’s first winner of the Mark L. Friedell, MD, Award.  The award recognizes the contributions of medical student presentations for their ongoing research projects, areas of clinical interest and case presentations at the FVS Annual Scientific Sessions

“It’s was a pleasant surprise and exciting considering I was competing with third- and fourth-year medical students,” he said.

Abou-Samra, a second-year medical student and the son of Syrian immigrants, won the award for his presentation titled “Reduction in Post-Operative Opiates after Opiate-free Anesthesia.  His study concluded that when physicians eliminate opioids in the operating room, patients will require less pain relief after an operation.  Abou-Samra said he has only scratched the surface of this line of research and hopes to uncover more information that supports his conclusion.

After he graduates in 2020, he hopes to become a surgeon and help groups who don’t have access to quality health care, including refugees.

Story and photo by Fredrick J. Coleman