First Quarter 2019 Winners Earn Press Ganey Awards

Winners for the first quarter in 2019 have been named based on their stellar work as noted in patient satisfaction surveys for the USF Health Care. The high marks earned them awards that are part of the USF Health Care’s Press Ganey Employee Recognition Program, an effort to recognize those with top scores in each quarterly report.

The ongoing award program recognizes those who excelled in providing USF Health patients with exceptional care and service. Named each quarter based on that quarter’s survey results, winners are from four categories: provider, nurse practitioner/physician assistant, nurse, and office staff.

Q1-2019 winners are:

Provider: Kyle Waggoner, DPM, internal medicine, with a score of 99.5%

Nurse practitioner/physician assistant: Rachel Brownstein, ARNP, with a score of 98.3%

Nurse/MA: Physical Therapy:  Dr. Dolly Swisher, SPT&RS Assoc Dean & Direct

Andrew Baxter-PTA, Dr. Lee Bland, Kristine Belair, Dr. Stefanie Bond, Jason Davis, Dr. Rebecca Ditwiler, Charese Futch, Dr. Megan Heintz, Michele Hicks, Dr. Aimee Klein, Dr. Matt Lazinski, Zuny Salina-RCO, Dr. Caroline Schlais, Darlene Southby, with a score of 96.6%

Office staff/front desk: Fourth Floor, South Tampa Center: Mayelin Alberto, Alessandra Alcala, Sumaya Alnahi, Rose Cramer, Nichole Erickson, Wendi Hendricks, Lisa Kelleher, Tracey Mitchell, Courtney Rivera, with a score of 99.6%

Joe Kirkner, Kyle Waggoner, DPM, Dr. Mark Moseley

Left to right :Misti Pagan, Henry Rodriguez, MD, Rachel Brownstein, APRN, Mark Moseley, MD, Cheryl Morgan, RN, Sabrina Hoilett-Farrier, Denise Evenson, Lymari Navarro.

Front row, left to right: Dr. Dana Webb, Dr. Megan Heintz, Dr. Matt Lazinski, Kristine Belair-PTA, Dr. Caroline Schlais-Resident, Dr. Angela Staglino. Back row, left to right: Michele Hicks, Jason Davis-PTA, Dr. Lee Bland, Zuny Salina, Darlene Southby, Dr. Stefanie Bond, Dr. Aimee Klein, Dr. Rebecca Ditwiler, Andrew Baxter-PTA, Dr. Dolly Swisher, Charese Futch.

Front row, left to right: Courtney Rivera, Wendi Hendricks, Alessandra Alcala, Rose Cramer and Tracey Mitchell.  Back row, left to right: Nichole Erickson, Val Hodges, Lisa Kelleher, Dr Moseley, Mayelin Alberto and Sumaya Alnahi