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Second-year medical student Michael Mortellaro and Morsani College of Medicine alumnus Navid Eghbalieh, MD, recently teamed up to publish an article titled “Santa Maria Nuova: Caring and Curing” published in Hektoen International.  Dr. Egbalieh’s original artwork helped illustrate the message of Mortellaro’s article.

Mortellaro’s article focuses on the transition of the hospital Santa Maria Nuova from a hospital that cared primarily for the poor to one that instead cared more about the sick. His goal wasn’t to present any new history research, but rather tell a story. Simultaneously with this medicalization, he also tried to show that the hospital retained its original sense of charity which it first showed to the poor. His goal was to provide an example that proves that focusing on sick people doesn’t mean they should be treated like a list of symptoms.

“My inspiration for this piece was my great interest in the medical humanities and medical history. As I mentioned already, I wanted to show a period in medical history that sought both to treat the sick, yet also continued to care for us. Oftentimes in history treatment is lacking, and oftentimes today care is lacking. The fact that I am an Italian American Catholic also did not hurt in choosing the specific hospital to write about.”

Navid Eghbalieh, MD, Morsani College of Medicine alumnus.